The Firm

At the heart of the 777 Summoning there is an inter-dimensional ascension consciousness of the astral hierarchies between heaven and earth that we call the The Firmament (the “Firm”). The Firm reflects the sentient, creative universe that has been illuminated by the soul of Archangel Michael and is organised in an institutional alignment comprising the Celestial Array, the Heavenly Array and the Earthly Array.


The Celestial Array is governed by the realization of the twin flame energy between masculine and feminine modes of self-expression and its manifestation in parallel worlds of spirit, energy and matter. Over time, the cultivation of the twin soul  dimension enables the mind to make quantum leaps of consciousness that defy laws of negativity, limitation and contingency. The angelic iconography of the Metatron Cube is foundation for the Celestial Array.

The Celestial Array of the Metatron Cube as channelled by hand of Archeia Faith

The Celestial Array of the Metatron Cube as channeled by hand of Archeia Faith


The Cosmic Array is the astronomical map that connects the Celestial Array beyond our human senses to the visible spectrum of the stars. The Cosmic Array uses the star maps of the ancients to focus our human consciousness on the galactic influences governing our existential behaviors. The Cosmic Array revolves around the Triangulum Constellation which serves as a heavenly mirror of the Bermuda Triangle Root Chakra within the Earthly Array.

Star Gate Map

Star Map of the Cosmic Array highlighting the Triangulum Constellation


The Earthly Array is the energy network of revealed planetary chakra points around the world that represent the human entry points with the Firmament. The Earthly Array is used by the 777 Summoning to sustain and elevate the planetary consciousness represented by Archangel Michael.

Earth Chakras